Jumpy - Jump into Python (and onto Kodi)

Jumpy (Java Underlay for Modules in PYthon) is a framework for scripts or other external processes to plug into PS3 Media Server (or its cousin UMS) and mainly The API is accessible from python via jumpy's python module, or from other languages via system calls. Interaction is through a localhost socket managed by py4j.

Jumpy began with my having grown tired of occasionally poaching stuff 'by hand' from xbmc (Kodi) addons for use in PMS, and deciding to see if I could mock the xbmc plugin API itself so as to run these addons under PMS as-is. The result is Jumpy plus jumpy-xbmc, an included set of python modules to 'jump' the xbmc addons.

Jumpy-xbmc works with most Kodi video addons: Hulu, Free Cable, Al Jazeera, PBS, Academic Earth, YouTube, and many more. Addons are 'mostly' functional in the sense that all content is shown but interactive features that require user input are inactive.

Jumpy itself is general-purpose, of course, and you can use it to plug your own scripts, python or other, into PMS as well.

Quick Setup
    Quickest: install automatically from the UMS Plugin Management tab.

    Or else use the installer directly:

  1. Shut down PMS.
  2. Put the installer .( . Windows . Linux . Mac . ). in your PMS plugins folder.
  3. Launch it and follow through as usual with external package installers if prompted (yes, you can install to alternate locations or skip packages if you want).

    Windows note: if the installer fails try launching it as administrator (right-click > Run as administrator).

  4. Future updates can be installed directly from the jumpy gui panel.

    You should end up with jumpy, python, py4j, beautifulsoup4, lxml, polib, Kodi, rtmpdump, phantomjs, youtube-dl, and an updated PMS.conf all ready to go and can skip the grey section below ('mostly', i.e. maybe install some kodi addons or PMSEncoder).

Requirements / Manual Installation
  1. Python 2.7. To make life simpler add python to your system path and then set up easy_install.
  2. Python modules:
  3. Not required but useful if you're using PMS: rtmpdump and PMSEncoder, .

Kodi Installation ("optional")
  1. Install Kodi using the default configuration for your platform.
  2. Install and configure some addons inside Kodi (and of course test them too, some are broken). You may need to configure username/password depending on the addon, and so on.

PhantomJS Installation (optional)
Plugin Installation
  1. Unzip jumpy-0.3.10.zip to your PMS plugins folder.
  2. Open up PMS.conf and set python.path, e.g.
    python.path = c:\\Python27\\python
    If you're using rtmpdump, or want to enable a script language, let's say perl, create a .path for each if it doesn't already exist:
    rtmpdump.path = c:\\rtmpdump\\rtmpdump.exe
    perl.path = c:\\perl\\bin\\perl.exe
  3. Restart PMS. You should see a 'Jumpy' folder on the xmb containing the examples and any media addons found in your Kodi user directory.

Windows Short Paths
Log and Conf Bugs